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The 1960s presented an era of vast social and political upheaval and blah blah blah...
Don't worry, this site isn't about presenting a formal treatise on pop culture...just 'pop culture'. In fact, I now regret using the term 'treatise' here.
My apologies.

I will, however, make random observations from time-to-time. They may only be correct in my mind, but hey, I paid the $8.95 to register this domain so...
Looking at style, wide-ranging variations existed during this time. While the Carnaby Street mod look, the hippie (un)chic, and the discotheque scene would seem to have little in common, there was not the level of separation and enmity between styles and tastes that would occur later.
At the time, they were all "counter-culture" and that was close enough... Clearance BOGO Clearance