shoes throughout the decades
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Welcome, visitor, to the Rude Shoe Museum.

As your curator, it is my hope that your stay here will be a pleasant and fun one. Currently, our exhibits span the decades of the 1940s through the 1980s.

So, why "Rude Shoes"?

I wanted the shoes featured here to either exemplify, or capture the eccentricities of a given period of time.
Both is better.

While I have provided a good sampling of curios here, it is my wish that the majority of the content will come from visitors contributing images from their own collection.
If you own a pair of $200 Nike Air Jordans, that's very nice... but not really what we're looking for (if, on the other hand, you possess the 1959 'Adidas Rekord'...well, now we're talkin'!)

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